Reclaimed Wood & Barnwood

The Rustic Charm of Aged Wood

We have a large stock of reclaimed wood recycled from historic buildings. It ranges from 1/2″ to 3″ thick. This is the wood that makes beautiful floors, wall cladding, shiplap, cabinetry, furniture, harvest tables, countertops and any do it yourself projects. You can request a quote directly at the bottom of this page or visit our quotes page.

In our Reclaim Lumber Yard we carry a large assortment of wood including 1″ boards and 2″+ plank in softwood – pine, hemlock, and hardwood – ash, elm, maple, oak, chestnut, heart pine and Douglas Fir. We also keep a large stock of original sawn brown, weathered gray and painted barnboard.  See our instagram account for updates:  rusticrestorationscdn.

Barn Planks

Weathered Gray Barnboard with Chinking

Weathered Gray Barnboard – Ceiling

Skimmed and Planed Grey Board- Close up

Roofing Board with urethane

Rough Roofing

Image Coming Soon

Brown Barnboard


Threshing Plank Table, Elm Floor

Painted Barnboard

Plank Stairs and Exposed Loft

Planks and Pine Boards

Image Coming Soon

Pine Plank Shelves

Canal Fender Table

Canal Fender Table with Hewn Beam Legs

Chestnut Plank Counters

Call ahead for sale items or check out our Instagram page @rusticrestorationscdn

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Barnwood Quote